The privacy of your personal information is very important to Mulberry School of Dance. We will not sell, rent or trade your personal information to any third party. We will take special care to protect the privacy and security of your information. This policy explains our information practices and the way that Mulberry School of Dance collects and uses your information. This Privacy Policy covers the information you provide to us offline and through the Mulberry School of Dance website.

We collect two types of data:
1) Your child’s full name, date of birth, gender and medical history

We collect this information in order to:
• maintain registers of children attending our classes
• ensure that the pupils are grouped accordingly (generally using age as a reference)
• ensure that we are respecting the gender that the child wishes to be associated with and teach the relevant syllabus based on that gender
• ensure that we are fully aware of any medical issues (either short term or long term) which may impact the child’s learning and help us to provide the correct support to the child to assist in their learning.

2) Your name, contact telephone number and email address

We collect this information in order to:
• ensure that we know the person responsible for the child
• have a way of contacting you in the event of an emergency occurring with the child
• have a way of contacting you in the event of an emergency occurring which impacts the ability to run the classes
• have a way of contacting you in order to submit an invoice to you by email for fees payable for the classes if relevant
• have a way of sending you information about events happening within the school. As an arts based organisation, we also like to inform you of items that we feel may be of relevance to your child’s dance education. These events and items may include (but are not limited to):
o Examinations / Class Awards
o key dates
o displays, performances and other presentations of work
o workshops and additional classes
o changes to timetables and scheduled classes
o productions that we recommend would be enjoyable / beneficial to enhance the child’s dance education
o achievements made by pupils of the school which we feel should be recognised and shared within the school community

Disclosure of your data

As registered teachers of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) we may enter your child for an examination with either of these bodies. In order to submit examination entries, the student must first be registered with the relevant body. To register the child we must provide their full name and date of birth. They will then be allocated a Pin number which we will store securely and submit to the relevant examining body when entering the pupil for examinations.
We do not share your data with or disclose your data to any other organisations or third parties unless we specifically request and receive permission from you to do so.
Data is not kept for longer than is necessary. When your child is no longer a pupil in the school, their account will be archived. This means that the data will be stored for our purposes (for legal and accounting purposes) however it will no longer be active so you will not receive any further email communications and your child’s name will no longer show on our registers.

Photography and videos

Occasionally we may take photographs of students which may be used for publicity purposes including on our website, on our Facebook page and on flyers. There are no names attached to these images or any other way of identifying the individuals in the pictures. The images are stored on a password protected computer and, when used on the website, they are stored on an SSL encrypted server which is hosted in the U.K.
Once you have given permission for your child’s photograph to be taken, you are free to rescind this permission at any time.
Mulberry School of Dance may video small sections of a class for training purposes for the students. Once these videos have been played back to the class (during the same class) these videos will be deleted immediately. These are never stored and are never used for any other purposes.
Mulberry School of Dance may video any shows / performances / workshops. These videos are stored by Mulberry School of Dance and used for monitoring and recording purposes only to ensure that there is continuity of training.

Questions, requests and updates

If you have any questions about how your data is used, need to update it, delete it, or would like a copy of the data we hold on you, please contact us by one of the following:

Email: julia@mulberryschoolofdance.co.uk
Website: www.mulberryschoolofdance.co.uk
Phone: 07930 363 404


Mulberry School of Dance collects, processes, stores and shares information about its customers, pupils and teachers in order to operate its business and comply with the new Data Protection Act 2018 (DP Act).

Mulberry School of Dance’s Data Protection procedures adopt and comply with the Data Protection principles as set out in the DP Act which are that personal data shall be:

• fairly and lawfully processed;
• processed for limited purposes;
• adequate, relevant and not excessive;
• accurate and up to date;
• not kept for longer than is necessary;
• processed in line with your rights;
• secure; and
• not transferred to other countries without adequate protection

All employees who process or use personal information on behalf of Mulberry School of Dance must ensure that they follow these principles at all times. Mulberry School of Dance and/or individuals could be liable for prosecution and /or monetary fines for unlawful processing of information.

All data stored by Mulberry School of Dance is held on a cloud based software platform product and on computers which are password protected. All data that is handled by the website (known as ‘Membermeister’) is strongly encrypted using industry standard SSL encryption.

Mulberry School of Dance is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.