Ballet Uniform for Children

Mulberry School of Dance teaches the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for children’s ballet classes and from Pre Primary upwards we expect those attending class to wear the appropriate uniform. Uniform is an important part of the class. Whilst ballet can be a fun hobby, it also requires a level of discipline. Being well groomed and wearing the correct clothing is part of that discipline.

Hair should be tied back off the face (preferably in a bun if possible) and no jewellery is to be worn in class.

The uniform will generally consist of a leotard (with or without a skirt), ballet shoes and either ballet socks or ballet tights.

In addition, from Grade 1 upwards, a character skirt and character shoes are also required. The skirt is a full circular cotton skirt with three ribbons decorating the bottom of the skirt. Character shoes are a canvas shoe with a small heel. These are required in addition to the other items and are an essential part of the class.

Once newcomers have tried a class or two and have decided that they want to commit to attending regularly, then the correct uniform should be purchased.

Uniform is available to purchase on a Saturday morning at Walthamstow Academy between 9am and 12pm.

Tap Uniform for Children

As we do not teach syllabus work, there is no set uniform for our children's tap classes, however if girls have a leotard they can wear one with a pair of leggings (or a t-shirt and leggings) and boys can wear a t-shirt and shorts. Tap shoes can be ordered via Julia (please use the contact us page or call / email) and can be collected from Walthamstow Academy on a Saturday morning 9am-12pm.

Hair should be tied back off the face (preferably in a bun if possible) and no jewellery is to be worn in class.

Ballet Uniform for Adults

As an adult taking a class, we appreciate that not everyone will feel comfortable wearing a leotard and a pair of tights. In fact, hardly anyone will! So our adult ballet classes are very relaxed and you are welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable such as leggings and a t-shirt.

Some of our adults (who are now brave enough!) wear a leotard, but they wear it underneath something that is looser fitting. Wearing a leotard makes you feel like are a ballet dancer even if you are the only one who knows you are wearing it.

We do recommend ballet shoes, however as with all classes, we suggest that you try the class first (just wear socks and be prepared to take them off and go barefoot) and then only commit to purchasing a pair once you know you are happy to continue with the class.

Tap Uniform for Adults

We recommend wearing something comfortable that you can move in, eg t-shirt and leggings, but otherwise there are no restrictions.

For your first class, if you don't have a pair of tap shoes, then please wear a pair of hard soled shoes with a small heel but nothing with a rubber sole ie not trainers.